ET-ROLL-300 Series | Automatic Mattress Wrap, Compress and Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-300 SeriesAutomatic Mattress Wrap, Compress and Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-300 Series

ET-ROLL-300 Series
ET-ROLL-300 Series
ET-ROLL-300 Series

    ET-ROLL-300 Series

    Automatic Mattress Wrap, Compress and Roll Pack Line

    Описание продукта

    ET-ROLL-300 is a full automatic mattress rollpack machine with the self-wrapping system. The mattress is wrapped fully automatic without any need for manual hand bagging. Any type of mattresses are fed by the conveyor and wrapped, compressed, sealed and rolled.

    Robust structure is able to apply 50 tons of hydraulic pressure on the mattress in order to make the mattress completely flat and easy to rollpack.

    • Thanks to adjustable pressing amount and 90° cross conveyor before the rolling system, ET-ROLL-310 can also be used as a normal mattress wrapper without rolling.
    • Durable resistances with cooling system for uniform heat distribution
    • No wiring problems and energy saving thanks to cold sealing system
    • Reliable Omron control system with the highest efficiency
    • No hand bagging thanks to auto wrapping system
    • Self-adjustment for different sizes of mattresses
    • 50 Tons hydraulic pressure mechanism
    • Robust structure
    • Ability to use as mattress wrapping only without fully compression and rolling
    • Ability to adjust heating-cooling time for different film thickness
    • Automatic side film cutting system
    • Hydraulic rollpack exit system with adjustable roll diamater
    • No damage on the mattress thanks to rollpack exit system from the back
    • Multidirectional cross conveyor sends the mattress to the rolling unit or send it to other direction for only-wrapped mattresses
    • Ability to work with pocket spring, foam and latex mattresses (bonnell is not suggested for the quality of the rolled mattress, although the machine is able to roll)
    • ElektroteksCare: online after-sales service

    технические детали Download PDF
    вместимость 30 секунд на матрас
    Максимальный размер кровати 210 cm x 210 cm
    Минимальный размер кровати 180 cm x 75 cm
    Максимум Высота кровати 50 cm
    Выходной диаметр матраса Please check different models on the table
    Максимум. давление нагрузка 60 тонна
    вес 15000 kg
    Требования к питанию 50 kW (Среднее потребление намного меньше)
    Тип напряжения 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Сжатый воздух 6-8 Bar
    перевозка груза районы 2.3 m x 17 m
    Сертификат CE доступный
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