LEON 3DS-CS2 | CNC 3 Heads Border Sewing Machine

LEON 3DS-CS2CNC 3 Heads Border Sewing Machine




    LEON 3DS-CS2

    CNC 3 Heads Border Sewing Machine

    Описание продукта

    LEON-3DS-CS2 is designed for specialized borders with 3 independent sewing heads. It is capable of sewing multiple borders and gives you possibility to draw your own designs. 



    It can make various borders with ribbons, 3D tape, zipper while being capable of hemming the border edges. Double head CNC border quilting part provides unique designs and makes you special in the market

    • The highest precision of designs thanks to fully servo driven motion system 
    • Capable of working as 3D border machine only with hemming systems.
    • Easy Border Design Creation 
    • Robust Sewing Heads with Automatic Lubrication 
    • Various attachments for special borders 
    • Advanced fabric pulling and guiding systems provide the maximum precision even with the most elastic materials. 




    технические детали Download PDF
    Sewing Machines 64 Needle High Speed Chainstitch Sewing Head
    PFAFF 5483 Double Chain-Stitch
    Number of Sewing Heads 3
    Max. Sewing Speed 3 000 rpm for Double Head CNC Sewing System
    1 800 rpm for Multineedle Sewing System
    Stitch Type Chain-Stitch
    Max. Border Sewing Width 40 cm for Multineedle System
    27 cm for Double Head CNC Sewing
    (40 cm is available as optional)
    Max. Stitch Length 6 mm
    Number of Pattern Memory Unlimited
    Auto Border Roller Available
    Thread Break and Material-Out Detection Available
    Auto Stop at Preset Yardage Available
    Edge Hemming Available
    Distance Adjustment Between the Sewing Heads Available
    Weight 1250 kg
    Power Requirement 6,5 kw
    Voltage Type 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Compressed Air 6-8 Bar
    Shipping Dimension 2.3 m x 3.5 m (W x L)
    CE Certificate Available
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