ET-ROLL-400 Series | Automatic Mattress Compress - Fold - Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-400 SeriesAutomatic Mattress Compress - Fold - Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-400 Series

ET-ROLL-400 Series
ET-ROLL-400 Series
ET-ROLL-400 Series

    ET-ROLL-400 Series

    Automatic Mattress Compress - Fold - Roll Pack Line

    Product Description

    ET-ROLL-400 is a full automatic mattress wrap, compress, fold and roll machine. After compression it can fold the mattress to half and roll afterwards to minimize the shipping, storage and operation costs and maximize the profit and competitiveness.  


    Thanks to unique design of ET-ROLL-400 it gives possibility to work as wrap-only, wrap-compress, wrap-compress-roll and wrap-compress-fold-roll without adding any extra turning or 90° transfer conveyors. Moreover, with all these options it offers the smallest footprint (installation area) compared to competing machines.

      MODEL                                          ROLL EXIT DIAMATER  STRETCH FILM ROLL  PE FILM ROLL
      ET-ROLL-410 25-40cm Adjustable No Yes
      ET-ROLL-410-SF 25-40cm Adjustable Yes No
      ET-ROLL-410-SFP 25-40cm Adjustable Yes Yes
      ET-ROLL-430 43-45cm Adjustable No Yes
      ET-ROLL-430-SF 43-45cm Adjustable Yes No
      ET-ROLL-430-SFP 43-45cm Adjustable Yes Yes
      ET-ROLL-440 33-50cm Adjustable No Yes
      ET-ROLL-440-SF 33-50cm Adjustable Yes No
      ET-ROLL-440-SFP 33-50cm Adjustable Yes Yes





    Techical Details Download PDF
    Capacity 30 seconds per mattress
    Max. Mattress Size 210 cm x 210 cm
    Min. Mattress Size 180 cm x 75 cm
    Max. Mattress Height 50 cm
    Exit Diameter of the Mattress Please check different models on the table
    Max. Pressure Load 60 Tons
    Weight 17 000 kg
    Power Requirement 50 kW
    Voltage Type 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Compressed Air 6-8 Bar
    CE Certificate Available
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