ET-ROLL-100 Series | Mattress Roll Pack Machine

ET-ROLL-100 SeriesMattress Roll Pack Machine

ET-ROLL-100 Series

ET-ROLL-100 Series
ET-ROLL-100 Series
ET-ROLL-100 Series

    ET-ROLL-100 Series

    Mattress Roll Pack Machine

    Product Description

    ET-ROLL-100 is a roll pack machine without compression unit. Although it does not have a compression unit, it can easily roll most of your light to medium mattresses, toppers, pet beds and wedges. 



    Techical Details Download PDF
    Capacity 30 seconds per mattress
    Max. Mattress Size 210 cm x 210 cm
    Max. Mattress Height 24 cm
    Exit Roll Diameter of the Mattress 25 cm - 42 cm
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