ET-ROLL-400 | Automatic MattressWrap, Compress, Fold And Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-400Automatic MattressWrap, Compress, Fold And Roll Pack Line




    Automatic MattressWrap, Compress, Fold And Roll Pack Line

    Описание продукта

    ET-ROLL-400 is a full automatic mattress wrap, compress, fold and roll machine. After compression it can fold the mattress to half and roll afterwards to minimize the shipping, storage and operation costs and maximize the profit and competitiveness.  

    Thanks to unique design of ET-ROLL-400 it gives possibility to work as wrap-only, wrap-compress, wrap-compress-roll and wrap-compress-fold-roll without adding any extra turning or 90° transfer conveyors. Moreover, with all these options it offers the smallest footprint (installation area) compared to competing machines.

    • No hand bagging thanks to auto wrapping system
    • Self-adjustment for different sizes of mattresses
    • 50 Tons hydraulic adjustable pressure mechanism
    • Robust structure for the durability
    • Ability to use as mattress wrapping only without fully compression and rolling
    • Ability to adjust heating, cooling time for different thickness of film
    • Automatic side film cutting system
    • Hydraulic 3-LINKS roll-pack exist system: Ability to adjust the exit diameter within the range of 25-42 cm (material dependent)
    • Ability to roll bigger mattresses into smaller exit diameter thanks to 3-LINK hydraulic exit system
    • Multidirectional cross conveyor at the exit of the wrap-compress unit: Ability to send the mattresses to roll-pack unit or exit as wrapped only
    • Ability to pack pocket spring, foam and latex mattresses (bonnel spring mattresses can be rolled with the machine but not suggested for the quality of the mattresses)
    • Max. Capacity: 40 seconds/per roll (when fed continuously – can change according to the compressibility of the mattress, thickness of the plastic film, exit diameter, etc.)
    • Heavy Duty Folding Mechanism
    • Automatic mattress rotating at the folding section
    • Much smaller footprint for multifunctional operation (No need to have extra rotating and 90° conveyors)
    • Ability to give the light mattresses directly to the rolling unit without compression
    • Max. Mattress size: 210 cm x 210 cm (revised as optional)
    • Min. Mattress size: 180 cm x 75 cm
    • Max. Film Width for Roll Pack Machine: 240 cm
    • Max. Mattress height: 48 cm (material compressibility dependent)
    • Min. Mattress height: 5 cm
    • Lifelong FESTO pneumatics with low air consumption
    • Voltage: 380 V, 3 Phase (208V or 220V 3 Phase if requested)
    • Compressed Air: 6-8 bars
    • Weight: 17000 kg



    технические детали Download PDF
    вместимость 30 секунд на матрас
    Максимальный размер кровати 210 cm x 210 см
    Минимальный размер кровати 180 cm x 75 см
    Максимум Высота кровати 50 см
    Выходной диаметр матраса 25cm - 50cm
    Максимум. давление нагрузка 60 тонна
    вес 17 000 кг
    Требования к питанию 50 киловатт
    Тип напряжения 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Сжатый воздух 6-8 бар
    Сертификат CE доступный
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