FALCONDouble Head Continuous Mattress Quilting Machine





    The Fastest Harmony

    Double Head Continuous Mattress Quilting Machine

    Product Description

    FALCON is a full automatic feeding system high speed double head single needle quilting machine for high end luxury mattress, home textile and upholstery works.

    FALCON performs the whole operations of feeding with motorized rollers, quilting and cutting the quilt in length.

    FALCON offers the fastest and smoothest quilting among the machines in the market. The premium components used on the machine and extra strengthening processes end up with lifelong durability.

    With the ability of quilting very different products, FALCON offers perfect quilting quality for all the products from very thin garment products to thick materials for mattress industry with multiple layers including foam, visco, memory foam, latex, polyester fiber, non woven, jacquard fabric, knitted fabric, leather and down fill.


    Techical Details Download PDF
    Mex. sewing speed 3500 spm
    Max. material thickness 10 cm
    Stitch length 1 mm - 10 mm
    Max. Jumping speed 60 m/min
    Max. sewing speed 22 m/min
    Max. Fabric Width FALCON - Standard: 2.30m
    FALCON - 2400: 2.65m
    FALCON - 3000: 3.25m
    Max. sewing area FALCON-Standard: 2.05m x 2.60m
    FALCON-2400: 2.40m x 2.60m
    FALCON-3000: 3.00m x 2.60m
    Number of Feeding Rolls 5 (optionally increased)
    Weight 3800 kg
    Power Requirement 9 kW
    Air pressure 6-8 bars
    Voltage 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Shipping Dimension 2.3 m x 7 m (W x L)
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