FULLPACK-XAutomatic Mattress, Base and Headboard Packing Machine





    Automatic Mattress, Base and Headboard Packing Machine

    Product Description

    FULLPACK-X is a full automatic mattress, headboard and base wrapping machine. With the versatile design, it offers packaging of different products without touching any adjustments.

    Thanks to patent pending advanced streamlining film distribution technology, the plastic film waste is reduced even for non compressible wood products.

    The smooth design brings the comfort while packing with cartoon corners and packing the light products. The dimension versatility makes you able to wrap very different sizes without any adjustment.



    Techical Details Download PDF
    Capacity 4 pcs / min
    Max. Mattress Size 215 cm x 220 cm
    Min. Mattress Size 90 cm x 75 cm
    Max. Mattress Height 50 cm
    Min. Mattress Height 5 cm
    Thickness of the Film 50 – 160 microns
    Weight 5 500 kg
    Power Requirement 23 kW
    Voltage Type 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
    Compressed Air 6-8 Bar
    Shipping Dimension 2.3 m x 12 m
    CE Certificate Available
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