KYK-SAutomatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine





    Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine

    Product Description

    KYK-S is the one of the highest speed tape edge machine in the market with heavy duty, smooth PFAFF 5625 sewing head which is simply the strongest in the world.

    The reduced training time and operator fatigue makes the tape edging operation much easier with the day long performance stability.

    The motorized belt and the synchronized mattress rotating arm makes the operator stands stationary and brings easy cornering. Even the heavy premium mattresses are flipped within seconds thanks to heavy duty flipping system.

    The adaptable continuous mattress flow system brings the mattress to the machine and takes it out to the next stations after tape edging is done. The continuous flow system lets the operator sew all the time and reduce a great deal of labor cost.




    Techical Details Download PDF
    Production Capacity Up to 200–250 mattress 8 Hours Depending on the Operator Performance and Mattress
    Max. Sewing Speed 3 500 rpm
    Max. Mattress Weight 190 kg
    Mattress Height 7.5 - 42 cm / (Optional 5 - 55 cm)
    Shipping Dimension 2.3 m x 3 m
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