Fast and Efficient Production with Automatic Mattress Packing Machine

Mattress Packing Machines System

Mattress, pillow and sofa are the most important stuff at our homes.

With the increasing demand of mattresses in the global market, efficiency of mattress production process gained more importance for all mattress manufacturing factories. When it comes to the machines that bring efficiency and automation to mattress production companies, we can start from FULLPACK-X, the full automatic mattress packaging machine by Elektroteks;

Mattress Packing Machines - FULLPACK-X
Mattress Packing Machines – FULLPACK-X

FULLPACK-X – Automatic Mattress Wrapper

FULLPACK-X, which is designed for high production and versatility of product sizes, can pack 4 mattresses in a minute. FULLPACK-X can recognize the sizes of different mattresses automatically and bags them very quickly. Besides its advantages for the speed and the versatility, advanced control systems provide the tightest wraps if requested.

FULLPACK-X – Specifications

It is obvious that besides the quality and durability of the machines, its value adding advantages are also significant. You can see some of the specifications that FULLPACK-X offers you;

  • Capacity: Up to 4 pcs/min
  • Mattress size: 215 cm x 220 cm
  • Mattress size: 90 cm x 75 cm
  • Mattress height: 50 cm
  • Mattress height: 5 cm
  • Thickness of the plastic film: 50-160 microns (PE, LDPE)
  • Self-adjustment for different sizes of mattresses, headboards or bases
  • Ability to pack the mattress, headboard, bases in both directions as vertical or horizontal
  • Double sealing system for secure packing
  • Automatic side compression for fully tight and secure wrapping
  • Ability to adjust the heating, cooling time for different film thickness
  • Automatic side film cutting system
  • Automatic side film waste removing system
  • Lifelong FESTO pneumatics with low air consumption
  • Servo motor driven width adjustment system for the entrance and side sealers
  • Higher output with the buffer system in between front and the side sealers.
  • Unique plastic film distribution system for incompressible products with streamlining technology
  • Durable resistances with cooling system for uniform heat distribution

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Automatic Mattress Gluing Line

ELEKTROTEKS – Living Innovation

The increasing demand for mattresses drives the industry to develop automatic mattress production equipment. Elektroteks is one of the few leading mattress machinery manufacturer in the world with its product quality, product range and capacity. The company grows strongly in global market and strengthening its position as the leading global manufacturer. Different types of mattress gluing machines are included Elektroteks product range.

FixET Mattress Glue Line

The best seller Hot Melt Mattress Glue Line of Elektroteks is FixET Series. With the highest capacity, flexibility and ergonomics; FixET Series became the number one preferred hotmelt mattress glue line in the world. FixET Series provides the maximum efficiency with the least number of labor for all types of mattresses having bonnel spring, pocket spring, foam encapsulation, felt layers, foam or visco layers.

Although it perfectly suits for mass production, with the ability to detect length, width and height of the mattresses, FixET Series offers the best solution for variable mattress types at the same time on the line. Advanced detection and servo motion system provide the most sensitive gluing operation on the mattresses. FixET Series are designed specially for the customers according to their variety of mattresses, capacity, existing layout, existing machines, mattress quality level, etc. FixET Series can be consisted of 1 to 8 gluing tunnels and having perfect production solutions from 100 to 2 000 mattresses within 8 hours. Moreover, it offers real-time production simulation, glue consumption per mattress monitoring, innumerous statistical charts and efficiency tracking systems which are all available on your smartphone and office PC.


  • Automatic layer thickness recognition and self adjusting
  • Servo motor driven motion system
  • Automatic length and width recognition
  • Center and Perimeter Gluing
  • High speed conveyors: 40 m/min
  • Recipe system for different mattress types (programming and saving glue pattern, offset, gluing amount adjustments for different mattresses )
  • Unique double offset system for the glue pattern for round shape and quilt layers
  • Functional user friendly interface
  • Optional felt or additional layer ramp system
  • Production monitoring and data collection system
  • Maximized production with the minimum power requirement
  • Tailor-made solutions for each project
  • Ability to communicate with existing machines at customers plant
  • Advance online troubleshooting for all electronic components

Mattress Border Machines

There are a lot of different varieties of mattress border machines in the market. Different models are developed in the market to meet the demand of making different kinds of borders, different level of automation and speed. In its product range Elektroteks has 20 different models of mattress borders machines available on Elektroteks border machines offer the highest level of versatility, consistency and reliability. Apart from these models, the new mattress border machines are developed by Elektroteks according to market needs.

mattress border machines

The type of border, the operation on the border, speed, size, the quality level of the mattress border bring a lot of different mattress border machines in the market. As an example; while LEON-PT is used for very special hand-stitch effect borders, LEON-FT100 is used to make faux tape for euro-top or pillow-top mattresses.

Single Needle Border Vertical Stitch Machine

​​​​​Border Machines Types and Specifications

Border machines are produced according to customers’ need. LEON-PT4 is one of the bestseller these days in the market. LEON-PT4 can make very different shapes of small designs on the border and brings a very good fluffy effect on the luxury borders. Square, circle, plus shape, dot, letters are all possible with LEON-PT4 to make the finish border look very high end. Dependent on the shape of the design, number of stitches per row and the length of the border, LEON-PT4 can produce a standard model within 3 minutes.

Mattress Border Quilting Machine

LEON-PT2 has the same specifications with LEON-PT4 but since it has 2 sewing heads only, it can finish a standard model within 5-6 minutes. Thanks to the touchscreen panel, all the users can create and save special designs on the machine very easily.

The LEON Series machines have great specifications and ease of use. With advanced automation systems, they offer the maximum output with the least labor force. Due to their speed and reliability, they are the most preferred border machines in the market.

​​​​​LEON Series Machines General Specifications

LEON Series can create the desired design of borders with the least labor force and with the highest consistency of product quality, so the it decreases the cost quiet a lot. While saving time and labor, the consistency of border quality is increased thanks to synchronized automation systems. LEON Series include all kinds of border serging, border quilting, handle attaching, handle making, faux tape, 3D Border, border cutting, border closing stations.

Mattress Production Line

The growing human population and awareness for sleep quality brings the increasing demand for mattresses. Because of the increasing demand for bedding products, mattress manufacturer companies require automated mattress production lines for their factories. Automatic mattress production lines provide higher output with the lowest labor cost. Moreover, well-designed production lines offer great ergonomics, human safety and capability of working very different product range with the highest efficiency. Production lines bring a lot of advantages for medium to large volume mattress manufacturers, the lines are consisted of automatic lamination systems, pressing machines, flipping conveyors, handling, automatic distribution systems between different stations, tape edge machines, quality inspection systems, packing machines, stacking and auto storage systems. Mainly they are categorized as 5 main topics.

Automatic Mattress Finishing Line

Automatic Gluing – Lamination Systems

Automatic gluing machines transfer the adhesive to all the layers of mattresses fully automatically by recognizing the height, length and width of the layer fully automatically. Hotmelt or water base adhesives open an important new window for the mattress industry since they are not harmful for the human health unlike the old fashioned solvent based glue. This is very important both for mattress end users and also mattress production operators. Moreover hotmelt and water base systems bring stronger and more durable bonding between the layers of the mattresses and increase the lifetime of mattresses by maintaining the comfort.

Automatic Tape Edge Machine
Automatic Tape Edge Machine With PFAFF5625

Mattress Tape Edge Machines

The production lines are equipped with automatic mattress tape edge machines. The old- fashioned slow, inefficient tape edge machines in which the operators have to walk backwards around the mattress are disappearing from the market gradually. Thanks to new generation tape edge machines and automatic feeding systems of production lines, the tape edging process becomes much faster, easier and minimizes operator mistakes. They also made the long and difficult training period of tape edge operators much easier and shorter. According to capacity of the production line, different number of tape edge machines is included.

Mattress Production Line

Mattress Packing Machines

Automatic packing machines are located after the quality control section of the production lines. They pack the mattresses fully automatically. Automatic size recognition system packs any kinds of mattresses coming from the production line. Unlike manual packing machine, automatic packing machines provide much higher quality seals and tighter wraps while avoiding the product damage.

Other Production Line Machines

According to the processes of the automatic production line, mattress pressing systems, mattress transfer conveyors, flipping, turning mechanisms, mattress stacking or buffering systems, quality control systems are used. They all provide the flow of mattress from very beginning assembly station to the finished product storage area fully automatically. These systems have many advantages such as minimized dirt and damage on the mattress, minimized operator fatigue, maximized flow efficiency and so on.

Mattress Production Line Control System

Mattress Production Line Control System

The main control system provides communication between the different process stations, data collection, control, smart mattress transferring solutions throughout the plant. The control system is designed according Industrie 4.0 principle. The functions such as Down time estimation, individual operator efficiency tracking, mattress cost analysis, bottom neck analysis, instantaneous efficiency monitoring opened a new generation for bedding industry.

Packing Machines

For the all the companies, when the production capacity increases, the packaging process becomes more and more important especially in terms of labor cost and time. For big companies automated packing systems become inevitable. Elektroteks produces packing machines for mattress, headboard, bed bases and polyurethane foam. The machines are developed in order to have maximum flexibility of products and product sizes with automatic product and product size recognition systems. With the ease of use Elektroteks packing machine offer the highest level of automation and efficiency in the long run.

Packing Machines

Machines are equipped with advance and unique systems to have maximum versatility and reliability of wrapping quality. Packing machines perform the whole packing process with the highest speed and neat finished look. Elektroteks packing machines are the best choice if you are looking for increasing the production with minimum labor, minimum packing problems and maximum product variability.

Packing Machines Specifications and Advantages?

Elektroteks packing machines applies cold sealing technology to have more consistent sealing quality and maximum human safety. According to the product and packing material, the optimum sealing parameters are chosen automatically. Packing machines provides quick wrapping of mattress, headboard, bed bases and polyurethane foam. Packing machines has different models such as simple automatic wrapping machines, automatic roll pack machines, foam block compression and packing machines, foam roll compression and roll pack machines and so on. The machines are selected according to your needs.

Pillow and Cover Packing Machine

The advanced sealing system control unit gives maximum consistency of sealing quality even if you give the products with different intervals of time. The instantaneous heating system avoids the open seals. Automatic size recognition provides the tight wraps for any sizes with the lowest plastic consumption. Packing Machines calculates the compression load automatically according to product. Mattress roll pack, foam bun compression and foam roll compression packing machines provides the strongest packing while offering up to 80% shipping and storage volume advantages.

Automatic Packing Machines

Bedding industry has been growing after the consumer awareness on mattress developed. With the increased demand on the mattresses, the packing process of the mattresses started to take a lot of time in a mattress factory. It made automatic packing machines inevitable for medium to big manufacturers. In order to meet the manufacturers demand with the highest versatility of products, Elektroteks started to manufacture various types of packing machine and became one of the global leading packing machinery manufacturer for mattresses. Elektroteks offers full automatic mattress packing machine, manual packing machine, full automatic roll pack lines, mattress pressing, folding units, peeled foam packing machine, foam block compress and packing machine and pillow packing machines.

Manual Mattress Packing Machine (EASYPACK)

Single or double layer plastic film sealing.

High quality and consistency of sealing

Low voltage transformer for human safety

PID Heat Control System

Cold sealing

Ability to pack with corner cardboards

Automatic Mattress, Base and Headboard Packing Machine (FULLPACK-X)

The most versatile packing machine in the market with the ability of packing mattress, headboard and bases.

Up to 3 wraps per minute

Ability to pack the products in both directions

Quilt and topper packing

Automatic size detection

The highest versatility of sizes without any adjustment

Automatic side compression for tight packs

Cold sealing technology

Automatic side film cutting and removal system

Full Automatic Mattress RollPack Machine

Automatic Mattress Roll Pack Line (ET-ROLL-310)

ET-ROLL-310 is a full automatic mattress wrapping, compressing and rolling machine. It can also be used as a packing machine only.

Robust and durable structure

50 Tons hydraulic compression system

Homogeneous heat distribution system for the highest durability and consistency of sealing system

Automatic size detection and wrapping of the mattress

Ability to use as a packing machine only

Adjustable pressing amount

Instantaneous cold sealing technology

Advanced OMRON electronic controllers

Adjustable roll pack exit diameter: 25 cm – 45 cm

Automatic side waste cutting system

Quilting Machines

Kapitone makinası

Elektroteks quilting machines provide the best performance and durability for different industries such as bedding, home textile and upholstery.

As the leading mattress machinery manufacturer in Europe, Elektroteks pay attention to quality more than anything. The dynamic character of the company redefines the aspects of quality in terms of the product and service. Besides the highest performance among all the quilters in the market, Elektroteks becomes prominent also for the durability, functionality and versatility of the machines.

Quilting Machines

Elektroteks quilters offer best stitching solution for many different layers such as foam, memory foam, viscoelastic foam, knitted, wowen fabric, leather, down feather, polyester fiber, etc. for many different industries including bedding, home textile, upholstery, furniture and automotive.

Elektroteks, which proved itself for quilting machinery, started to offer auto hemming stations for mattress industries and brought a new concept for mattress manufacturing.

Quilting Machines 3

One of the most time consuming processes of the mattress production is flanging. Especially with the increasing demand of thicker quilt panels and increased sense of quality, the overlock (flanging) process of the quilt panel became inevitable for the tape edging process. On the other hand, flanging (overlock) process costs a lot of time and money for the manufacturers while it mostly ends up with lack of proper sizes.

Quilting Machines 2

The full automatic hemming station has the same capacity of 5 flangers (overlockers) and one quilt panel cutter with only 1 operator for all. Thanks to automatic hemming station, improper sizes of the finished panel is eliminated, the slip stitches after panel cutters especially for chain stitch quilters are fully disappeared. The neatly hemmed panel of the panel makes it very easy and quick for the tape edge operators.

High Capacity Elektroteks Quilting Machines

Quilting machines of Elektroteks Falcon, Hydra, Felis, Uncia-RS and Hemmer offers beneficial solutions for different industries for many different stitching works. Visit Elektroteks Quilting Page for more information

Kapitone Makineleri ile Hızlı Yatak Üretimi

Kapitone makinası

Yüksek hız ve verimliliğe sahip Elektroteks kapitone makineleri üretim aşamasındaki farklı ihtiyaçları karşılayıp uzun yıllar sorunsuz performans sağlıyor.

Yatak makineleri sektöründe Avrupa’nın en iyi üreticisi olan Elektroteks, kapitone makinesi üretiminde de aynı hızla büyümektedir. Kaliteye her şeyden çok değer veren Elektroteks gelişim odaklı yapısı ile mutlak memnuniyet yaratmak için büyük emek vererek yeni ve benzersiz bir kalite tanımı sunmaktadır. Günümüz yatak makinesi üretimi sektöründe bulunan diğer kapitone makineleri arasında en yüksek hız ve verimliliği sağlayan Elektroteks marka kapitone makineleri üst düzey malzeme kalitesi ile uzun yıllar sorunsuz üretim sağlamaktadır.

Kapitone makinası
Kapitone makinası

Kapitone Makinalarının Yatak Üretiminde Sağladığı Avantajlar

Yüksek verimlilikte çalışabilen son teknolojiye sahip kapitone makinaları lateks, visco, örgü kumaş, elyaf, jakarlı kumaş, deri, kuş tüyü katmanları dikebilme özelliği ile ev tekstili, yatak, giyim, mobilya, otomotiv gibi dikişin bulunduğu her sektöre hitap edebilmektedir.

Tek kafa, çift kafa makinelerde uzmanlığıyla kendini kanıtlamış Elektroteks, 2 yıldır müşterilerine sunmaya başladığı tam otomatik kapitone plat dikim makinesiyle de sektöre yön vermiştir.

Çift kafa kapitone makinası
Çift kafa kapitone makinası

Yatak üretiminin en çok zaman kaybı yaşanan işerinden biri de kapitone overlok işlemidir. Özellikle son yıllarda artan kalın kapitoneli yatak talepleri ve standart ürünlerde gelişen kalite anlayışıyla; yatak kapama işlemini overlok işlemi yapmadan yapmak zorlaşmış veya imkansız hale gelmiştir. Öte yandan overlok işlemi zaman ve işçilik kaybına yol açmış ve sık sık yanlış ölçülerde kapitone elde edilmesiyle sonuçlanmıştır.

Tam otomatik kapitone plat dikim makinesiyle, yaklaşık 5 overlok masasının kapasitesine sadece bir operatör vasıtasıyla çıkılabilmektedir, ve bu operatör normal şartlarda kapitone arkası kesim makinesinde kullanılan operatördür. Kesilmiş ürünün kesim ölçüsü ve hizası konusunda hatalar ortadan kalkmış olup özellikle zincir dikiş kapitone makinelerindeki kesim sonrasında dikişte açma problemi yok edilmiştir. Kenarlar dikişmiş olan ürün de kapama makinesinden rahatça geçerek çok daha düz, sağlam ve hızlı bir kapama işlemi yapılmasına olanak sağlamıştır.

Tek kafa kasnaklı Kapitone makinası
Tek kafa kasnaklı Kapitone makinası

Yüksek Kapasiteli Elektroteks Kapitone Makineleri

Elektroteks yatak ve kapitone imalat makinaları üretiminde sayılı firmalar arasındadır. Elektroteks’in ürettiği Falcon, Hydra, Tigon, Felis, Uncia-Rs, Hemmer kapitone makineleri farklı sektörlerde farklı ihtiyaçları karşılayabilmektedir. Fonksiyonel, yüksek hızlı ve verimliliğe sahip Elektroteks kapitone makinelerini detaylı incelemek için adresini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.